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Tool Early American and Colonial copper lighting . . . our coppersmiths handcraft over 100 lanterns to choose from with painstaking attention to detail in our reproductions of Colonial Early American copper, brass and pewter lanterns. This is Nauset Lantern Shop's homage to the craftsmen of yesterday, and our commitment to our customers of today, as we offer wall, post, hanging, and ceiling copper, brass and pewter lanterns to choose from, all custom made to order.

Onion Lanterns Cape Cod Traditional Lanterns Barnlight Lanterns
Onion Lantern The Onion Lantern is an adaptation of an onion lantern first used in this country on fishing schooners as nighttime working lights...
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Cape Cod Traditional Lantern The Cape Cod Traditional was inspired by many copper lanterns found on Cape Cod style homes...
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Navigation Lantern The original Colonial candle-burning Barn light can be found in the old Quaker Meeting House located on Cape Cod...
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Pilgrim Lanterns Tonset Lanterns Williamsburg Lanterns
Pilgrim Lantern The Pilgrim lantern is found on many Early American homes in Massachusetts on Old King's Highway...
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Tonset Lantern The six-sided Tonset Post Lantern is an adaptation of a captain's brass lantern found on many 17th century ships...
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Wellfleet Lantern The original Williamsburg post copper lantern was imported from England to light the walkways of wealthy merchants...
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Onion Post Lantern

The Onion lantern was first used
in this country on fishing
schooners as nighttime working
lights... Read More >

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Handcrafted Excellence

Blind solders, slotted collars, wrapped guards, are just a few of the extra steps taken by our 5 coppersmiths in the fabrication of our copper, brass and pewter lanterns. Blind solders done on the inside of the joints, so the soldering is never seen; slotted collars that fit into fabricated slots for structural soundness; wrapped guard joints with 20 gauge wire for bolstering strength of onion lantern cages.

Individual Numbered PlateOur master craftsmen and coppersmiths take great pride in their work,
and it shows in each and every lantern they hand craft. The pride in their workmanship manifests when they affix an individually numbered name plate to each finished lantern.

It is this pride in our craftsmanship that allows The Nauset Lantern Shop to guarantee your complete satisfaction
with your lantern.

Best Sellers

ONION LANTERNS: Onion Wall, Onion Post, Onion Hanging
CAPE COD LANTERNS: Cape Cod Wall, Cape Cod Post
COLONIAL LANTERNS: Williamsburg Wall, Williamsburg Post, Pilgrim Wall, Pilgrim Post
EARLY AMERICAN LANTERNS: Concord Wall, Boston Wall, Lexington Wall, Beacon Hill Post

Making LanternsNauset Lantern Shop is one of the few, perhaps only 1 or 2 others in the country, craftsmen who produce pewter lanterns. One recent customer who ordered 14 pewter wall lanterns in the Early American Style told me he had a difficult time finding a shop who produced hand-crafted pewter lanterns. We were thrilled to be able to help him.

Manufactured with UL approved components.

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